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Jamaica – Day 6

Today we visited three sites: the Challenge Basic School, The Women’s Centre and Melody Girl’s home.

At the Challenge Basic School, we taught preschool and kindergarten age children how to wash their hands. We had them color with fingerprints and then used glow germ to show them how important washing your hands for 20 seconds, and cleaning all parts of your hands is. The children were blown away by the glow germ and loved fingerpainting with the nurses.

At the Women’s Centre, students taught the women about safe sleeping, SIDS, swaddling methods, and how to use journaling as a therapeutically. The women were grateful for the blankets students left behind for their babies and all the education they received. 

Finally, at the Melody Girl’s Home, students spent time with girls ages 13-18 talking with them about their passions, beading, making necklaces and helping them with their homework. Nursing students left the Girl’s Home feeling exhausted, yet fulfilled to see the girls so passionate and hopeful for their future studies. 

Carly Whalen

Grady Hospital – Day 4

Today we went to Good Samaritan and had the opportunity to see the clinic and hear more about their mission and the community they serve. It was shocking to hear that the life expectancy gap between this neighborhood and Buckhead is 13 years. This shows the evident disparity that is undeniably present for this community, and it is incredible how Good Samaritan works to bridge this gap by providing quality healthcare for all.

Dr. Lathrop was extremely knowledgeable about the social determinants of health and how they impact a person’s health. She provided insight on how providers can work with the community and meet people where they are with the resources they have. Friday’s the clinic provides care for people experiencing homelessness. We had the chance to make lunch for these patients. We made a chicken and vegetable stir fry and provided a hot meal to patients after their appointments. It was rewarding to see our impact and help where we could.

This day was a great opportunity to gain insight into the community we are surrounded by and how we can make a difference. Healthcare is crucial and can help patients physically, mentally, and emotionally. Good Samaritan addresses the whole person and provided an incredible example of patient centered care!

Hailey Gatins