Have you ever heard that nursing school is difficult, well I have come to know that this is true. I feel that the hardest part of the program is time management. It is common to have two tests and many papers due in the same week. You have to prioritize the tasks and this is where time management comes into play. With exams and papers comes stress, however, there is joy and excitement through clinicals. You are able to put what you have learned in the classroom to work. Being able to see the care that you are providing to sick patients is a remarkable feeling. In life, I have always been taught to look at things that make you happy. Happiness to me is comforting someone and helping them feel better so they are able to fulfill their life to the fullest. Not all of the patients that you will encounter are sick, some are bringing a life into this world. The past two weeks I have been in my labor and delivery rotation and it is by far my FAVORITE. I absolutely love it and it clicked, this is the type of nursing that is meant for it. Things happen in your life for a reason and these past couple of weeks have been wonderful. Within two days I experienced approximately ten births. It was wonderful! The nurses on the floor were wonderful and taught me the roles in becoming a labor and delivery nurse. To see the face of the mothers when that baby is laid into their arms is wonderful and to see the fathers cry with joy is moving.

Besides the joy of clinicals…. (school) the following week is hectic but manageable. There are two tests but thankfully is not on the same day. Spring break is within the next couple weeks and within the next couple of months the first year of nursing school is over. What a wonderful feeling!

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