A Change of Scenery

So in two days…clinical rotations are beginning for the junior BSN class. Excited much?! I know I am. I’m going to be at Emory Midtown in Unit 21. Unit 21, that sounds…enigmatic, but, exciting nonetheless. I think it is some type of surgery and recovery unit. My clinicals are on Friday mornings from 7:00-3:00. It is going to be a long day, but I’m sure it won’t seem that way. This is what we have all been looking forward to: getting to be “real” nurses. I think this week is more or less orientation to the clinical site, and getting adjusted to the change in our curriculum. I am thankful for this, I was dreading just being thrown in and having to learn on my own.
I think my roommate and I will be carpooling a lot since we are going to the same clinical site. It will be nice to have company that early in the morning. And she will also be helpful in that she can come bang on my door in the mornings if I somehow sleep through my alarm for 5 in the morning. (I’m really not a morning person. Like, at all.) I think we are going to take a trial drive within the next night or so, just to see what the drive is like. Hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad at 6AM.
I hope we get to meet the patients we will be working with soon. I’m really excited to meet him or her, and I can’t wait to start giving them care. This excites me and scares me at the same time. I don’t want to hurt them! And everything we have done so far seems like there could be pain involved. I think clinicals are the ultimate test to see if we have what it takes to be nurses. There’s nothing like being immersed in a sea of “nurse-dom” to know whether or not we are cut out for this. The thought doesn’t scare me, but instead makes me really curious. Can’t wait to hear all about how everyone’s first day went!

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