A Series of Pictures







These are a series of pictures we have collected throughout our stay at Moultrie. The majority speak for themselves because you can really tell how grateful and happy we were to have this experience.

Although we will have some recollection of the hundreds of farmworkers we met and the groups we served with, one person will always be clear in our minds, Don Jose. If you ever wonder what it is like to spend your life serving others, then one talk with him will help clear this question. He has many inspiring stories of how he and the Ellenton Clinic have made healthcare more accessible to an often neglected population.

Without a doubt, this experience has inspired our group to find a population of people for which work does not seem like work. It has also given us an appreciation for all of the people involved in how our food is grown, picked and processed. It would be impossible to look at food and forget the hundreds of faces we have now learned to associate with this industry.


By- Arabelly Camilo and Stephanie Medrano

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