“All in favor, Say I”

Although Friday was the last day of NCLEX review, it proved to be as beneficial as the first. We then attended the second plenary session to hear Dr. Cynthia Rushton speak about nursing ethics and moral courage. Her insight and stories lead to a very thought-provoking conversation, which everyone enjoyed. She challenged the group to become better leaders by pledging to practice ethical nursing.


After a quick break, we all gathered in the House of Delegates to support Erin Reeves as she presented her resolution. Erin did an outstanding job and her resolution passed with 379 votes in favor! The delegates continued to stay in the house and vote on the remaining resolutions. Several resolutions were very controversial and the debates went back-and-forth with heated pro/con statements. We are all so appreciative of the long hours that our delegates spent in the House, thank you! Other Emory students were presenting their research in the poster exhibit hall- it was another great day of Emory representation.


A group decided to venture out and try the infamous burger joint, In-N-Out. After eating a “double-double” and animal fries everyone was full, satisfied (and a little sleepy). A couple of the seniors decided to work off those burgers and went for a 4-mile run later that afternoon. Others spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and sights in Phoenix. It was nice to have the reminder of the evening to relax and gear up for our final day and closing ceremony!





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