Alternative Spring Break – Dominican Republic, Day 2

By Danielle Dimacali
Photo by Manmit Singh

Symbiosis. The strength of this trip lies within community partnerships and continuity of care. As we toured San Vicente hospital, we were all welcomed by the nurses, staff, and doctors who were enthusiastic to see Dr. Foster yet again for her 15th and final trip. We saw the canguru program for premature babies in action, with moms carefully holding their baby on their chest waiting to be seen by the doctor for an infant follow up. We also saw the tremendous amount of research and global community parternship it took to implement the program in the first place.

We then did a community home visit as per the referral of PT students who visited this home a week prior. After a tragic accident that left the head of the household paralyzed with a trach and some of his skull removed, we found ourselves admiring the resourcefulness of the family and the support they gave each other. Ending with a prayer, we realized how crucial it is for nurses to simply be present and work symbiotically with the family.

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