Alternative Spring Break – Puerto Rico, Day 5

By Lindsey Zwecker
Photographer: Trisha Cabantac

Today, March 14th, the group had an amazing day at the Salvation Army. The corps organized for us to present a variety of health topics to a regular group of older adults. The director introduced all of us and a couple of the group members led the room in different songs to start the morning.

We then proceeded to teach the group in pairs about nutrition and diabetes, how to do self-breast exams, Alzheimer’s disease, and hypertension and smoking cessation. A few of us were able to speak to the crowd in Spanish but for the most part Gladys translated what we presented in English to the group and helped us answer the audience’s questions.

The adults were very engaged and interested in our topics. After the presentations, we led different stations for each topic. At one station we took blood pressures, at another we took blood sugars, we did breast exams, and we continued the conversation about Alzheimer’s.

They were very grateful for us and it was so rewarding to teach them about health and wellness. Once everyone had been assessed the corps fed us another amazing lunch of churrasco con arroz and grandules, and guineitos en escabeche. The group then headed back to the hotel for an afternoon off. We, the students, decided to go souvenir shopping and secretly go to a local bakery where we picked up some pastries to celebrate Dr. Zhang’s birthday at dinner! We ate at a local pizza place for dinner and of course got ice cream again.

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