Alternative Winter Break – Jamaica, Day 3

Screenings in Jamaica during Alternative Winter Break 2017.

By Jordan Waites

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Day 3

Jordan Waites

Today we visited New Testament Church of God Retirement. We spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon conducting another screening and teaching session. It included blood pressure checks, blood glucose screening, body mass index, body mechanics teaching, and nutrition teaching. For the teaching stations, we could talk with each person and give them individualized teaching based on their lifestyle. This close interaction allowed for us to answer specific questions that individuals had and address any concerns. This reminded me that no matter what setting you are in providing healthcare and teaching, it should always be individualized to give optimal and compassionate care.

Many of the adults who came to this screening session brought their children along with them. A fair number of parents asked questions regarding their child’s well-being and what they could do to aid in them growing up to become healthy adults. It was refreshing to see that although the families may not have access or optimal living conditions, healthcare quality, etc., they still strive to make sure that their families are happy and healthy.

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