Alternative Winter Break – Kingston, Jamaica Team, Days 3 & 5

Days 3 and 5

Every night we have a couple hours of debrief and then we go out to dinner. We’ve been getting home late and I’ve been fighting a cold. My apologies that I have gotten behind on blogging. Days three and five were very much alike, so I am combining them here. Both days we split up, with a few of us staying at Bethlehem Home and many of us at another Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) center called Jacob’s Well, which houses women with various psychiatric needs. Some of those at Jacob’s Well grew up at Bethlehem Home.

We completed assessments at both centers- physical assessments at Bethlehem Home for baseline record keeping, and psychiatric assessments at Jacob’s Well. Dr. Rodriguez made worksheets to guide our physical assessments, while MOP had forms they created with Canadian psychology students. Through observation, teamwork, and creativity, we were descriptive and thorough as possible, despite many residents being nonverbal. And while we were productive, we also had time to simply interact. On this Kingston nursing excursion, probably the number one most important thing we have learned is to to never underestimate the power of human touch. The residents are full of love, and we made sure there was room amidst our paperwork for conversation, nail painting, and hugging. The Brothers are grateful for our documentation, and we are thankful for the opportunity to get to know their residents better.

Walk Good,

The Kingston Team

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