Alternative Winter Break – Nicaragua, Day 7

At Tio Antonio’s Hammock Workshop.

By Madysen Kovac and Sonia Ros

Day 7: El Ultimo Día

Madysen Kovac

Today, the gang was off to a sluggish start, and for good reason. After a late start, we eagerly headed out to Granada for our day of sustainable tourism. We arrived at Granada with a view of Lago Cocibolca out the bus window. It is the largest lake in Nicaragua with waves crashing over the sand as if it were an ocean. We cruised into town on foot, stopping at various shops along the way. Most of us bought coconut water from a street vendor, which was neat because we stuck our straws straight in the coconut!

When we arrived at the town square, a yellow church towered over the people and street vendors bustling in Granada. We were approached over and over by those selling sunglasses, noise makers, necklaces, and hammocks!

After a leisurely lunch, we headed to Tio Antonio’s Hammock Workshop. At this workshop, we learned that it is one of the few places in Nicaragua that employs those with disabilities. At the shop, they strive to make hammocks that are of high quality. We were told it takes one person about two days to make one hammock. We then toured the workshop, as it is somewhat of a museum of the business as well as where they make the hammocks. At the end of the tour, our entire group piled onto a huge hammock.

Then we said goodbye to Granada and headed to our hotel in Managua. We all went to bed early because we had to be up by 05:30 for our flight back to Atlanta. Although we all have developed a love for Nicaragua on the trip, I think we are all ready to be home with our families for the holidays.

Hasta la proxima (until next time), Nicaragua!

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