Back at it!

Well this is the third week of being back into the swing of things since the semester started, and we have definitely hit the ground running. Running really really fast. It seems like we have SO MUCH TO DO before May! I’m still trying to get all my ducks in a row, but they’re just swimmin’ all over the place. I’m enjoying the semester so far though, I had my first day of full clinical yesterday and really loved it. I got to do so much that I have never done before: hang IVs, remove IV catheters, start heparin drips, and now I’m nearly a pro at giving meds. The 12 hours went by really quickly and I am looking forward to next week. I am at St. Joe’s this semester and am on a DEU floor, which I think is a wonderful invention. I am paired up with one nurse for the entire semester and she teaches me everything I need to know. I am able to learn so much and it is much more efficient as well. I change out for psych in three weeks and am looking forward to that as well. I will be at the VA hospital, and I have heard good things about it.
We have our first exam this coming up Monday for Integrated Science II. In addition to all that we have this semester, studying for this test has been very overwhelming. I’m hoping after this test we will have a grip on the flow of things once again and it will flow a little more smoothly. I heard last semester was supposed to be the toughest of the whole Emory nursing experience…but I don’t think that’s entirely true. It’s only been three weeks and this semester has already kicked last semester’s butt! Kicked it real hard. But things will fall into place. Good luck to everyone this semester!

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