Bahamas – Governor’s Harbour Clinic

By Abby Brown

Today started much like any other day where we have breakfast in our house along side our professors and have our “morning huddle.”

My assignment, along with one other student, was to assist at Governor’s Harbour Clinic. Governor’s Harbour Clinic acts as one of the larger and busier clinics on the island that acts as hub for many other public clinics in the north.

As we walked in, we were excited to see that the clinic waiting room was full of patients. We learned this was because it was dentist day. On Thursday the dentist acts out of Governors Harbor Clinic and services all of the patients’ dental needs. The nurses also hold general clinic where patients of all ages can come in to see that their various needs are met. Our assignment was to help the nurses with general clinic.

Two patients stuck out in our time there. One patient was a psychiatric patient. The nurses informed us that he comes every two weeks without fail to get his injections. They said that they always try to get him in and out of the clinic quickly because he gets anxious. This type of care has been the through line of our experience in the Bahamas. The nurses know their patients and treat them like family. 

In addition to personifying what true, dedicated patient care is the nurses were also so open to helping us to learn.  One of the nurses who worked at the clinic happened to not be feeling well that morning. She complained of chest congestion and a runny nose. The nurses allowed us to assess her and showed us the inflammation in her throat with an otoscope. We were so grateful that although one of the nurses was sick she still allowed us to take it as an opportunity for us to learn. 

Our time at Governor’s Harbour clinic was unforgettable. We not only learned valuable clinical skills but also how to deliver compassionate patient care. 

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