Bahamas – Rock Sound Clinic

By Rachel Black

Today, we went into various clinics and schools on the island of Eleuthera to provide patient care and education.

I worked with a nurse in the the pharmacy at the Rock Sound Clinic. Nurses have an expanded roll on the island of Eleuthera because there is only one doctor to cover the entire south end of the island.

A shipment came in from Nassau on a boat, so we were able to stock the pharmacy with new medications. Rock Sound Clinic is the biggest clinic on the southern part of the island, so they send out supplies to the other clinics in the area.

We sent a box of medications to the Tarpum Bay Clinic, which is the clinic in the settlement we are staying in. In addition, we filled prescriptions that the other nurses prescribed from the screening area of the clinic.

The nurses are extremely resourceful with the limited supplies and medications that they have. The community dynamic in Eleuthera is inspiring. They love their neighbors and take care of one another so we’ll. This was evident in the clinic setting when seeing the interactions between patients and nurses and among the patients themselves.

Eleuthera is a beautiful place with beautiful people! 

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