BP, Weight, Chest, Waist, Hips… repeat

Oh, what to share about days 10, 11, and 12… Well, we’ve been working hard since you last heard from our group. Our days our full. Our brows are full of sweat. And we’re really refining our mosquito-killing abilities.


Monday was a busy clinic day for some of us. The Rock Sound group was running from 9am-4pm, helping to screen patients, assisting the nurses, and being quizzed by the doctor. Those in Governor’s Harbor did a half day in the clinic and gathered the data for the 40 Day Challenge in order for us to perform follow-up with the participants. We all worked fastidiously to enter data for our project in the evening.

Day 11

What a day! Surveys in the community, data entry, and a flat tire made for a long and tiresome day. One of the old 12-passenger vans we’ve been driving around was struck with a flat tire, so four of our group members had to drive very carefully from Governor’s Harbor to Tarpum Bay (usually a 30 minute drive) to have the tire replaced. Along the way, that group gathered more community surveys and began the follow-up visits to complete our data. Thank goodness they made it back safely! The rest of us were busy in Savannah Sound and on the southern tip of the island doing community surveys in order to have a representative sample from all parts of Eleuthera for our program evaluation. Let’s just say, Tuesday was exhausting!

Day 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICA!!! Today we had the great fortune of celebrating Erica’s birthday with her in the Bahamas. A good mix of work and fun hopefully made her day a memorable one! Most of our group worked close to home today working on our presentation for Thursday at the Rotary Club pertaining to what we’ve been doing these past two weeks. Others got to attend a meeting and inservice on Malaria and Cholera at the Rock Sound Clinic. Cherish even got to be the guinea pig to show how the rapid Malaria test works. (Don’t worry, Student Health, the test was negative.) Some of us took several trips to the dump today – both during the day and at night when trash was being burned – to capture the waste management issues on the island. In the evening, we held a follow-up clinic for participants of the 40 Day Challenge at the Cancer Society building. We had a few people drop by, but hopefully we’ll see more of the participants tomorrow. Finally, three of us ended the evening with a trip to the Haitian church. The Haitians are not always welcomed on the island by the Bahamians, so it was interesting to get to worship with them (in Creole) to better understand this subsection of the population. Oh, and we had birthday cake, lots of Bahamian-sweet birthday cake! Cheers!

Oh the irony!
Birthday Girl Takes BP

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