BSN Dominican Republic 2014: Our Last Hurrah

Sorry for the late update on our final day in the DR. We’ve all been scrambling to get back into the swing of “real life,” and are now putting together a presentation for grand rounds at the med school and for the nursing school.

Friday was our last full day in the Dominican Republic. We conducted our last home visit with a man who had a spinal cord injury after his motorcycle collided with a truck carrying cattle several months prior. He had large wounds on his left foot from the accident, and a large stage four pressure ulcer almost a foot wide. It was clear that our visit would take some time, so some of the group left after the initial physical assessment to go conduct more surveys in Manhattan. Sarah and I stayed to finish with cleaning up the wounds and dressing them with whatever supplies we had available (which happened to be clean water, ointments, peri pads from our maternity supplies, Tylenol, and tape). We were able to suggest adjustments to the way the wounds were cleaned and treated, and were happy to leave him to be cared by loving, attentive family members.

In the afternoon, we went to the nearby nursing school to celebrate the opening of their new building, which was marked by many impassioned speeches by school officials and a round of brightly-dyed fruit sodas. We then took the bus out to the local college’s agricultural department land. Emory nursing students had planted orange trees there several years ago, and we got to see their progress.

In the evening, we spent the night out on the town learning to dance the bachata! We were happy to spend our last day working hard and playing hard.

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