Cultural enrichment in downtown Cusco

Plaza de Armas in downtown Cusco, Peru.

By Kiah Ford

Today we were scheduled to do a pap campaign in a village about 2 hours away from Cusco. Unfortunately, we got word that a portion of the road to the village was impassable due to recent weather and we weren’t able to go. Although we felt pretty disappointed we weren’t able to provide such an essential service to women whom some had walked nearly 6 hours to attend the campaign, we acknowledged that the situation was out of our control and that safety was the priority. As nursing students, flexibility has become second nature to us so we shifted plans to venture to Plaza de Armas in downtown Cusco instead. The plaza was filled with so many locals, a parade, dancers in costume and beautiful music celebrating Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun. It’s a month long celebration in June honoring the Incan god Inti. We spent hours absorbing the culture and ended our evening with a group dinner at Morena Restaurant followed by salsa & bachata dancing at Mama Afrika.

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