D.R. Wrap-Up

Our final two days in San Francisco de Marcoris included Q.I. presentations about both programs we observed. The five of us who worked at the Hospital San Vicente de Paul, invited hospital administration, staff, and students to our presentation on the Kangaroo Care/Programa Caguro. Everyone did a wonderful job and the hospital team was very receptive to, and happy with, our observations over the two weeks. Later the same day, the second group presented to the Manhattan community and were also well received. No doubt we all learned a lot about a vastly different healthcare system than our own, and are so very grateful for our time in the D.R. Many of the people we met during our journey there will be faces remembered for the rest of our lives.

On the day before we flew back to the U.S., Dr. D gave a wonderful presentation on her research on Health and Spirituality, at the hospital. It was a big turn out! After grabbing our bags, we packed in to a minibus with fewer seats than people, and began a loooooooong, hot, squished journey to the capital, Santo Domingo. Many acres of rice fields, mountains, small towns, and farms later we arrived at the University, where we had a meeting with the new administrators about the purpose of our trip/projects.

Then piled back into the bus and drove around until we found our hostel for the night. Hostel Nomadas is a little slice of heaven in a beautiful city. We got out to do a bit of sightseeing, which included setting foot in the oldest cathedral in the New World. Amazing. Then the night ended with a lovely dinner on the rooftop of the hostel.

We all learned so much on this trip. And though it’s nice to be home, the experiences and people in the D.R. will be missed.


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