Day 2 and 3 Care in the Community

Days two and three were a whirlwind, as we embarked upon an adventure in the villages of Kwa Kok and Jaquet. Within two days we were able to see greater than 200 patients. Making diagnosis were drastically altered by the norms of the Haitian culture and prevalences of diseases in the community such as malaria, dehydration, typhoid, parasites, and nutritional deficiencies.









We were able to gather information from our patients with the help of our hardworking interpreters, who worked hard at gathering appropriate patient history. They also went above and beyond about educating us on Haitian culture.

The eve of both clinical days were spent sorting and labeling medications appropriate for our patient population. In comparison to the US when treating our patients we were often unable to use first line treatment, we were required to be creative with our medication choices.

Despite the overwhelming amount of patients seen we were able to work well as a team and meet the needs of our patients.



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