Day #2 D.R.


It is Sunday in the Dominican Republic. We went on a trip to Saucedo to the museum to learn more about the 3 sisters who were politically involved in an opposition party against the cruel dictator Rafael Trujillo. The museum showcased their family home and their burial site. We got a chance to see the sisters’ lifestyles, collections, clothes, pictures, embroidery and artifacts from their assassination. They were from an affluent family that seemed to be much ahead of their time and very much focused on doing the right thing for the greater good. The girls were educated and this was uncommon at the time. Severe punishments were used with any people who opposed the Trujillo government. The Butterflies, as the sisters were called, were very popular with fellow people who held the same beliefs and had seen firsthand the cruelty of Trujillo. They were constantly thrown in prison and had their belongings seized, but they continued their fight for civil liberties for everyone. Unfortunately they were assassinated as they returned from visiting their spouses in prison. Trujillo was assassinated 6-months after the sisters. November 25th is now known as International Day Against Violence Against Women by the United Nations in honor of the three sisters.
We also visited the area of the family’s first home in Ojo de Agua where there is a monument dedicated to the three butterflies as well as the mangled chassis of the jeep their bodies were found in. Not too far from here, we got to peruse The Park Ecoparque which is dedicated to the three sisters and features amazing flowers and sayings that advocate for the end of violence worldwide. Afterwards, we returned to Rosa’s house to an amazing meal of fish, cabbage, rice and beans…and that amazing fresh passionfruit juice that we gulp up by the gallons. We then began to divide up and repackage the medicine and vitamins that would be distributed in three locations. After discussing the tentative plans for tomorrow, we dispersed for a much needed siesta, some N-Clex studying and some reading. As we sit here, we are enjoying a breeze and the latin music that can be heard from across the street. What is it? It is time for dinner and we can’t wait to see what awaits us…yum yum!

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