Day 3 at Moultrie – Getting off on the Right Foot

Enjoying our delicious food prepared at the camp!

A little after 5:30pm yesterday evening, we once again loaded everyone in the program into our 30 car caravan to go back to the camp we helped at on Monday night. I felt a lot more comfortable and confident going back now that I had a night to see how everything was run and get used to the language barrier. Set up went smoother since we knew where everything went and it thankfully wasn’t raining or muddy (yet). All of the workers at the camp very graciously served our entire group a traditional Mexican dinner. The food was delicious and it felt so nice for them to welcome us into their lives in such a kind way.

Some of the housing facilities for the camp

Last night I was assigned to the foot care station where we cleaned the mens’ feet, cut their nails, moisturized and massaged their feet, and assessed for any infections or problems to refer them to the nurse practitioners and clinic. The foot care station is often the station that a lot of us nursing students dread, but it was set off to the side of the camp where we weren’t in the center of the hustle and bustle. A big part of the station involved educating the men on proper foot care and how to protect them from pesticide exposure in the field that can accumulate in their shoes, but since we got to sit with the men in a quieter environment, we could talk with them and connect and give them a bit of much needed relaxation and pampering. Unfortunately, a few hours into being at camp the clouds moved in and it began pouring so we had to close up the foot care station since it was outside. The other people working at the station and I ended up circulating and offering help at different stations as needed and tried to make the rest of the night as productive and smooth as possible.


BSN Student, Jessica Yang, hula hooping before the kids came in!

This morning we again returned to Cox Elementary School to help continue assessments and screenings on the kids in the summer school program. I was working at the vision testing station where we used picture charts to help test their vision for distance and also a book to check for color blindness. Gabrielle, one of the other BSN students, and I were working together and had a great flow with the kids as we would switch off having one of us filling out the kids’ charts as we tested their eyes and the other person pointing at the pictures and keeping the kids in the room entertained with stickers and funny glasses. I really enjoy starting the days working with the kids; they are so much fun to work with and they bring out a funny, silly side in everyone working and make the day so much more enjoyable. Tonight we are at a new camp working with a new group of men where more help, education, and learning can happen!

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