Day 5 at Moultrie – Rained Out and Moving Out

BSN students getting ready for the last night of the first week (featuring stylish rain boots and fanny packs)

Lightening lighting up the sky as we begin to pack up our stations

Yesterday and today are the last two days of our first week and the time absolutely flew by!! Last night we once again lined up in our cars and headed out to a new camp to work with. We set up quickly on the main road leading into the camp so everything was flat and there weren’t too many bugs bothering us. The men who come to us are usually just coming off from the work in the fields and they were running a little late yesterday so we had extra time to all hang out. Over the week everyone in the disciplines has gotten close and become great friends so we no longer spend our free time with just a small group of people in our same specialty; instead, we used our free time to organize a quick soccer game for all of the specialties to play while others watched and cheered on their friends. After a few good soccer games, the workers started coming and and we all headed to our stations. I was at the blood glucose and hemoglobin station, which has become by favorite station to work at during the camps at night. All of the previous camps we had been to this week had only men, but there was a fair number of women who were working that came and saw us which was a new experience. Unfortunately, a few hours in we heard lightening cracking nearby and had no coverings for any of us so we had to pack up quickly and head back to the hotel. Normally when we are in class as students and we hear that we get to head home early everyone gets very excited, but there was a different tone when we were told we would be leaving early last night. Many of else felt sad and disappointed. We knew there was nothing we could do about the situation since the approaching lightening was a major safety concern, but it was hard for us to leave knowing there was a lot of men and women that we could not see or help out, but we hoped that we made an impact on those we did see.

BSN Student, Jessica Yang, testing blood glucose and hemoglobin on an Elementary Student while a pharmacy student helps keep her distracted and happy!

Today we woke up with our cars packed to go home and ready to head out to the last morning session at the Elementary School for the week. There were not too many kids to see and we got them all in and out quickly. I was working at the audiometry station testing the kids’ hearing with another BSN student which went smoothly since the kids knew there were no needles involved and they got to wear cool headphones instead!! We did not have to pack up too much since we would be back again on Monday but we made sure our stations were clean before getting into our cars and making the drive back up to Atlanta to be able to rest and refresh ourselves for a few days. I have had such an incredible experience this past week and feel like I’ve already learned and grown so much. Working in this unique setting has taught me so much about teamwork, flexibility, cooperation, and patience. I am so excited to be able to come back for one more week with people I’ve grown so close to and some new faces as well!

First week group with all of our BSN students, NP students, Pharmacy students, Dental Hygiene students, Physical Therapy students, and faculty!

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