Day 6 at Moultrie – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

BSN Student, AshleyAnne James, checking hemoglobin and blood glucose while a pharmacy student helps comfort the child

Sunday night we arrived back in Moultrie, Georgia to our hotel that was comforting and familiar. They welcomed us back with dinner in the lobby and we got to meet and mingle with the new pharmacy students and dental hygiene students that would be joining us for our last week of work. Monday morning we were back at the Elementary School making sure we got off to a good start to help try to get the rest of the kids at the school seen by all of the stations this week. I was back at the kids’ favorite station, blood glucose and hemoglobin. Unlike the very first day where some kids didn’t know they would have to get their finger stuck, word of mouth had spread and they all knew that it was coming. Some kids had prepared themselves as they sat down with me, handed me their finger of choice, and looked away trying to focus on the stickers. Other kids had gotten so nervous that they were in tears before they even got to the table, thankfully there were not too many like that. Over the last week we helped learn and teach other some tips and tricks to make it easier for the kids such as having them count stickers when we did it or even holding their hand a certain way so they couldn’t see the blood. Even though this was the pharmacy students’ and dental hygiene students’ first day at the school and they were getting used to the flow, they were always so quick to lend a hand and help; whenever they would see a kid sitting with us starting to get nervous or cry they would immediately come over and comfort the kid and ask if there was anything they could do. Even in an unfamiliar environment, it’s so nice to see that everyone is so willing to help each other across our disciplines of work. All around the Elementary School the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” is proudly displayed on various posters and it definitely rings true for our team.

Dental Hygiene students setting up inside after escaping the storm

The storm at the camp approaching fast! Photo taken by NP Student, Geoffry Hall

After a little bit of rest back at the hotel, we headed out to a new camp to help provide services to the men. We drove through quite a few muddy roads but finally arrived and began setting up. After the first few men came through we noticed some dark clouds in the distance but were keeping our fingers crossed it would just pass by us. Every thing started getting busy which meant I normally just focus on my patient in front of me and not many other distractions around me, so I was startled when one of the faculties members came up to our station and told us to pack up because the storm was coming right for us and it looked bad.Thankfully, the night would not be a waste; there was a portion of the camp that had a building and screened in windows we could move to instead of heading home. We all crammed into this small space, setting up chairs and extra tables where we could and made do with what we were given. It was definitely a challenge working in a smaller space that got noisy and hot very quickly, but we were happy that we could help out everyone that came to see us. Not every thing goes according to plan when we are out working, but in the last week we learned so much about flexibility and cooperation and have seen in person how important it is. It really is a team effort these two weeks and I am so thankful to be on a team with everyone here.


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