Day One of Adventure

ADVENTURE was the theme Drs. Coburn and Abraham chose for our trip, but I don’t think anyone thought our first day would turn out the way it did. It started off well; our entire group made it to the airport in time for our first flight and that ride was uneventful in a great way (very significant considering I’m not the best flyer). The really adventurous part of our day started during our wait to get from Nassau to Eleuthera. We got to spend some time transitioning from chilly Atlanta to the breeziness and warmth of the Bahamas. We had a nice greeting at the airport of a Bahamian band playing live music in the terminal, then we checked in for our second flight and got settled in for the 3 hour layover. By the time the sun and breeze lulled me into two naps on the patio and our group had snacked through all the restaurants near our gate, our 3 hour layover turned into a 5 hour one. By 5PM, we were all boarded, waiting in an unusually long line of planes waiting to take off on the runway. Our captain assured us he would try to get us to Rock Sound airport before sundown, but warned that we wouldn’t be able to land if it was too dark outside. After sitting for a few more minutes, we were disappointed to find out that the timing was too close and we wouldn’t be able to fly to our final destination. That led us to a Wendy’s airport dinner and about 2 more hours laying over and searching for hotels. And now, although we had an interesting time getting here, my belief that things happen for a reason is confirmed. I’m writing this entry under a cool fan in the hotel’s restaurant, listening to one of the employees explain the unique decor. Our group is settled now and I think we’re starting to let the Bahamas’ relaxation come over us. Tomorrow, we get back to the airport for a 6:30AM flight to Eleuthera and the next day of adventure 🙂 To be continued…

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