Eleuthera Days 5 & 6

3 & 4 June – Tuesday and Wednesday were health fair days, so half of us ran those while the other half went to their respective clinics. The health fairs were set up in high traffic areas of Rock Sound and Governor’s Harbour (one location each day). We took people’s height, weight, and waist measurements as well as their blood pressures and blood glucose levels (this last item was done by one of the local nurses). For our quality improvement project, we surveyed the people who came to their fair about some of their health behaviors, as well as asking diabetics more specific questions about management of their disease. Each participant received a water and a granola bar, and any patients with high numbers were referred to the clinic for follow up. We are hoping to analyze this data in order to identify patterns and gaps in health behavior and knowledge. We were able to see over 110 people in total, which far exceeded expectations! The fairs were busy and productive, and we all enjoyed the chance to talk with the locals as well as practice our manual blood pressure skills. We also learned the names of common “bush medicines”, which are traditional plant remedies used by many of the locals for a variety of conditions. Another highlight of our days has been the wonderful dinners prepared by two Tarpum Bay women. On Wednesday, they brought us conch salad to try, which is a common local dish…it was delicious. These two days were tiring but productive.

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