Eleuthera Wrap-Up


The last few days of our trip comprised of a beach day and two more days at our clinics. After a glance at Trip Advisor, it is safe to say that we were able to hit most of the best beaches on the island, and our Monday holiday was no exception. Florida definitely won’t look as good after this trip!

Our last two days were clinic days. My clinic was not especially busy, but we did get to see what prenatal visits consist of on the island. Our clinic has a midwife, so she did these visits without the doctor, although the babies are all delivered in Nassau unless it is an emergency. We also got a chance to talk with our nurses, many of whom are from Nassau, about the differences in culture between the city and the outer islands, and some of the things that they like and don’t like about working on Eleuthera. It was a great two weeks, and we were definitely sad to leave the nurses who had become our friends.

This trip definitely fit the bill of “immersion learning”. We had a chance to see firsthand how the healthcare system worked. We were able to meet and talk to many local people, and we did this not just in the clinics, but out in the community. We provided teaching and screening at our health fairs, and hopefully at least got a few people thinking about how to better take care of themselves. We collected data that will be used to improve the diabetes education and focus on the island. This was a wonderful experience, and I think I speak for our whole group when I say we can’t wait to go back!

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