Experience of Day 1 (6/3/2013)

As I sat thinking on my desk, I can hardly believe that we have just begun our work in Moultrie. It went by pretty quickly, at least, that’s what it seemed like since we were so busy trying to adjust to this hot weather and environment. We spent our first half of the day in an elementary school by setting up our stations in preparation for tomorrow. For example, we were busy unloading and lifting our equipment into the school. The hot weather certainly did its job in baking us under the sun, but we made it through with water.

At night, we drove out and headed to our very first migrant camp. We usually form a strict caravan to the migrant camps, but our caravan leader decided not to form a caravan for this trip since it was doable with GPS. However, we still got lost. The group that I was accompanying got lost on the road because we couldn’t decide whether we should follow the car in front of us or the GPS. Thankfully, one of the students were able to direct us to the camp safely.

Due to the delay, we had no time to rest. I was entrusted with BMI station. What I had to do was to measure the patient’s height, weight, and BMI(BMI through calculation of height and weight). I really enjoyed meeting the patients for this BMI. For example, I met patients who wanted to drop all their belongings onto the ground to lower their weight, which is often made up of few coins and their wallet.

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