First clinic day in Eleuthera

2 June – Monday was our first day in the clinics. Since there are 10 of us and each clinic is small, we are scattered throughout the southern and central part of the island at four locations. Eleuthera is over 100 miles long and only 2 miles wide, so it takes a few of us almost an hour to get there in the morning (luckily the view from the road is gorgeous). Once we make it to our clinics, it’s time to work. The doctor is only at each clinic one day a week, so the rest of the days the nurses do everything. There is no hospital on the island, so patients must be flown to Nassau for any major medical needs. Labs must also be flown to Nassau and the results can take 2 weeks to get back. People don’t have appointments at these clinics; they are all told to come in when the clinic opens and are seen in order. Between this and walk ins, mornings can get very busy. As students, we do intake and vital signs, assist in the pharmacy, and help out with whatever else the nurses need. The nurses are knowledgeable and very willing to share their experience and their stories with us. According to them, Eleuthera is a busy and challenging place to work, but provides amazing opportunities to learn and grow as a nurse. Many of the patients seem to know about Emory, which was exciting. All in all, it was a good first day of getting our bearings and meeting new people.

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