First few days in Moultrie

First stop on the way to Moultrie: Dickey’s Peach Farm. Dickey’s farm store was a recommended stop on the way down. They have fantastic peach ice cream that is perfect for a driving break. They also have various other peach items such as cobbler mix, muffin mix, bread, and peach jams to name a few!



Dickey's Peach Farm


Day 1

The first morning was spent getting ready to set up screenings at Cox elementary where the kids can see nurse practitioners, physical therapy, dental, and go through different screening stations managed by the the undergrad BSN students. Excitement filled the air as we all passed by the children that were in the hallways. Despite some of the conditions they may have at home, the children were clean, well-dressed, and full of energy. They waved and said hello as they watched us begin to set up.


Day 2

Night Camp

We watched eagerly as the farm workers returned in a school bus from the fields. The bus had arrived close to dark because they stayed out late, working long hours, to work as long as possible. When they arrived, they were able to head to the donation pile and pick out new clothes and shoes. Instead of going to intake, they returned to their barracks to shower and change their clothes. Instead of coming straight from the fields, sweaty and dirty, they pride in their appearance and took the time to shower so that they felt clean and presentable. The farm workers arrived to intake eager and ready to go through the screenings and see NPs and PTs for their health care problems.

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Farm workers spend a lot of time on their feet and often with wet shoes and socks. The foot care station was set up to be able to look at their feet and examine for foot conditions such as fungal infections (which is prominent among them), chemical burns, wounds, and blisters. Many of them had prunish skin on their feet from spending so much time in wet shoes and socks. This station also allowed the farm workers to have their feet massaged and exfoliated to provide some relaxation after a hard day of work while waiting to be seen by the nurse practitioners and PT. Here they were also able to learn about foot care and how to prevent from getting fungal infections. After, each person received a new set of flip flops so that they could wear them in the shower to reduce their chances of getting a fungal infection. The best parts from each day are the appreciation, enthusiasm, and thankful smiles from each farm worker seen at the clinic.

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