Haiti Day 4

After getting our bearings in Haiti, it was time to begin preparation for researching the population around us as well as preparing for the upcoming clinical days. We set out from the resort towards town to meet with Dr. Twilla Haynes and Elizabeth Woods. On our journey down the mountain, we were able to view the culture around us and how it impacted each of our senses. The sights of brightly colored buildings and vibrant social scenes easily caught our gaze. The sounds of music, laughter, and continuous honking became the soundtrack of our trips to town. The smells were dependent on our location in town. You could smell a range of things such as beach air or food cooked by local vendors. The taste of the air around us was a mixture of humidity and dirt stirred up from the streets by taptaps weaving in and out of the traffic. 

Once we arrived at the Mont Joli, we were able to acclimate ourselves to the supplies needed for the clinic days. Dr. Twilla went through each “tackle box” thoroughly and explained to us where it would be located on clinical days. These tackle boxes contained medications and supplies needed to treat patients for various issues such as scabies, diabetes, and hypertension. This orientation to our supplies helped put our first day jitters somewhat at ease as we prepared to serve the people of Haiti.

-Peyton Winters

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