Haiti Day 5

Today we got the opportunity to do a few different site visits to better understand the culture and lifestyle of the Haitian people. We took an open air truck which allowed us to really experience the sights and smells as we drove to our first stop, The University of Haiti Campus Henry Christophe located in Limonade. While there we visited several classrooms, the library and got to see the work of the art students and speak to the faculty of the music program. It was interesting to compare the similarities and differences between the university and universities in the United States. One big difference is the lack of an online system to share grade information; so instead, all student grades are posted publicly on bulletin boards outside the classrooms.

After touring the university, we headed back in the open air van to visit a local hospital, Fort St. Michel. It was shocking to see at first as it was very different from what you imagine when you hear the word hospital; it was mostly outdoors, with small treatment rooms for separate needs, such as tuberculosis, a dental clinic, and different areas for pediatrics and adults. Although it may be so different from what we are used to here, it was also inspiring to see how the Haitians do the best they can to take care of sick individuals. There were easily over 100 patients waiting to be seen and the director of the hospital informed us of the many free services provided to locals. I really appreciated the opportunity to visit these different sites and get information directly from local residents of Haiti because even if I return to visit Haiti again, it is unlikely I will have the chance to go on similar visits.

-Amber Roberts

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