Haiti Day 8- Clinic day 2

7:00 AM: I feel more confident going into clinical today. I did so many blood pressures
yesterday and got really good at them so I’m excited about doing them again.

10:00 AM: We started the clinical with a song and prayer led by the pastor’s wife. The singing
was so beautiful! I know religion is a big aspect of the Haitian culture and being a part of the
prayer really made me feel like I was a part of their family.

12:00 PM: I’ve forgotten how hard it is to do interviews. I’m asking the patient questions to
figure out what the problem is but I miss basic ones that Dr. T picks up on right away. She’s
amazing!!! She can ask 3 questions and immediately figure out what the problem is versus me
who has spent an hour with the patient and still hasn’t gotten to the bottom line haha. Her
level of expertise only comes with time and I’m excited for the day that I can hopefully do what
she does and as amazingly as she does it too.

6:00 PM: I am back home and today was a great day. I learned so much from Dr. T and saw the
kindest patients again today. I saw Dr. T put her hand on a patient’s chest and say, “I would say
that his temperature is 100.5” haha. The best part was that she wasn’t kidding. She said, “When
you’ve been doing this as long as I have you don’t need a thermometer anymore”. She also
loves saying what is going to happen then once it comes true replies with “Who said it? Not
me!” hahahahaha. She’s the best.
I worked with Elissa today. Taylor and Peyton were also doing assessments with me. It’s soamazing seeing how much they have grown as nurses and I am so proud to call not only my group but the entire class my friends and future colleagues.

-Veronica Rios

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