Height, Weight & BMI – Day 6

     Today, Monday June 10, 2013, is our sixth day at our clinical sites in Moultrie, Ga. Today was both very busy and productive!  My objective for the day was to assist the nurse practitioner students with their women’s health exams. I awoke this morning with a wide smile and great energy knowing that I would be providing service to women at the Las Vegas camp site. In the future I plan on specializing in nurse- midwifery and women’s health, so it is my pleasure whenever I get the opportunity to discuss the wide variety of topics centered on women’s reproductive health. However, when we arrived at the camp at 8a.m. this morning, the patients had already disbursed to their working fields, which caused a delay in our work schedules.

    Later that night we returned to the Las Vegas camp to provide services that would consist of checking blood pressure, and providing hemoglobin screenings to the male farm workers. I occupied the Height, Weight & BMI station. For the patients with a BMI of 25 or greater I taught them the importance of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, what surprised me the most was that many of my patients expressed their constant desire for Coke and other types of soda to quench their thirst.  Many did not know that soda may be the cause of their constant thirst; therefore, I educated them about the health benefits of drinking water instead of soda.

     While healthy eating is a major factor for maintaining a healthy weight, it is important to recognize the available food resources for this population. Many farm workers cannot adequately afford foods to meet their nutritional demands; thus, it is critical and very  beneficial to recognize their socioeconomic status and explain to them not only how that affects their food decision process, but how to improve it as well.


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