Holiday weekend in Eleuthera

5/6/7 June – Thursday was another clinic day. The Governor’s Harbour group got to go to the Savannah Sound clinic with one of the nurses, as well as make a few informal home visits. This clinic is only open on Thursday afternoons and is tiny, so we had to cycle a lot of people through in only a few hours. On Friday, we took a tour of the Leon Levy preserve. The preserve was set up to educate people about the plants on the island and their many different uses. There were medicinal and food plants, as well as an observation tower we got to climb in order to look out over the whole preserve. One of the questions on our health screening survey asks about use of “bush medicine”, and we were able to actually see and learn about the traditional remedies that patients had been telling us about. Then we headed up to the Glass Window Bridge, the narrowest part of the island, where both the Atlantic and Caribbean are visible on either side. The contrast between the two bodies of water was incredible, with the Atlantic dark and choppy and the Caribbean clear and calm. After taking lots of pictures, it was time to head to Gregory Town and the 27th annual Pineapple Festival to conduct health screenings. When we got there, we discovered that no one at the festival knew where we were supposed to set up. Luckily, we were able to secure a table, and the screenings went by smoothly. We got to stay at the festival after our shifts were over to enjoy dinner, a parade, and live music. Saturday, we toured the Island School, and I think we all found ourselves wishing we had been able to attend. After the tour, we killed some time before our final health screening at the Cape Eleuthera beach, making sure to stay out of the way of the wedding set up that was going on. Then we headed back to the Deep Creek conch festival to screen more people. This was a smaller festival, but we were still able to complete a decent amount of surveys. At the festival, the Island School had a booth with free samples of fried lionfish. Apparently it is an invasive species in the Caribbean with no natural predators, so the Island School started a program to pay fisherman to bring them lionfish. They were quite delicious. Of course, there was also conch. For a four day holiday weekend, we have been able to accomplish a great deal! image

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One comment

  1. Aldilene says:

    linette parks – Wow I am Kristin’s Aunt and she has been so excited about Nam taknig her photos. These pictures are beautiful the location was perfect and Kristin and Dustin look amazing and they can not try and hide how much in love they are. Man as an Aunt I could not have gotten any luckier! Wonderful pictures can not wait for the wedding.Love, Aunt NetteApril 15, 2009 1:14 pm

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