Home from “The Holler” and Other Thoughts

This last post will come without photos and quotes, because our work in WV has ended. The administrators of Cabin Creek Health Systems (CCHS), saw our presentation and possible recommendations for our Quality Improvement project. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide them with 3 bullet points on how to reduce hospital admissions for their patients with chronic illnesses. What will happen is probably better than rolling out prepackaged solutions.

Amber Crist, the Director of Education and Program Development has created and accepted the challenge of following up with 9 of the patients we were able to interview. Each patient’s provider will have the chance to do a home visit and get a more in depth understanding of their patient’s environment and social setting. This can help tailor the care plans needed to provide optimal health outcomes for patients at high risk for being re-hospitalized for primary care managed conditions. (Whew! That’s a mouthfull)

The coal miner we interviewed, will hopefully be able to get all the benefits he needs to cover his medical expenses. CCHS will also be getting a lung rehab center that will help ease the burden of COPD and other obstructive/restrictive pulmonary diseases for patients.

Ted Koppel, the famous British American news anchor, will be funding this project with CCHS. He will be reading my previous blog post, and watching the presentation Zane and the rest of the group worked relentlessly on this past week. We’re hoping the video serves as a tool to help spark a move to treat patients in a holistic approach, which will improve health outcomes for the community. This is just the beginning of bigger things for Cabin Creek Health Systems.

I’m excited to see what CCHS does in years to come. We were humbled. Learned lots….experienced great times in “The Holler”.

Thanks for reading, skimming, and browsing!

Ashleigh E. Heath, MPH
ABSN/MSN Candidate 2013/2014


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