Hospital San Vicente

On Tuesday we had our first day in the hospital. We divided up into little groups to work on different floors. Many members of our team are very interested in Maternity, so they worked with Jenny our faculty leader to the maternity department. Jenny has worked on various research projects in the hospital, so when we arrived on the floor everyone greeted her with hugs and kisses! Others from our group worked on the pediatric floor, ICU, and the clinic where people received vaccines. Karen and I observed in the emergency room. We actually even saw two codes performed. As I just finished my first semester of clinicals and don’t have any experience int he emergency department, so Karen who has years of experience in the ER was explaining the similarities and the many differences between running a code in the US and running one in the Dominican Republicchong qi zhang peng! It was interesting to observe the hierarchy in the personnel in the emergency department among the nurses, pre-interns, interns, residents, and attendings. Karen said that although things are so different, some of their interactions were so similar to those in the US. It was really interesting also to see the contrast in the care provided by the community health nurse and that provided in the hospital. In my opinion it makes a big difference if people are working in their own community, because there is a sense of patient care when working with family, friends, neighbors, that I think sometimes gets lost when you move farther from the community.

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