I Might Need to Start Drinking Coffee

It seems to me as though once the first test comes…they don’t stop. The seal is broken. The junior class had our first nursing school test on Monday! And boy, it was nerve wracking to say the least. I always get nervous before the first test in any of my classes. Not because I doubt myself, but more because I have no idea what to expect. The first test could be anything. It could be…the easiest thing you’ve ever done in your entire life or, the most miserable. I like to expect it to be the most miserable that way I’m more prepared, and pleasantly surprised when it isn’t.
So, you know how when it’s the beginning of the school year and you are incredibly motivated to do everything you can to get that A? Well this was me. I was so on top of it. I started getting ready over a week in advance: looking over my notes, doing all of my objective questions, writing all of my study times in my planner with the teal pen from that pack of pens I told you about yesterday. But…it turns out that this year was no different than any of the previous ones: I am really, really bad at studying ahead of time. Let me rephrase: studying a bunch ahead of time. I try and try, but I get distracted really easily. But I told you I was determined, so I even deactivated (temporarily) my Facebook in order to get some work done. I may be bad at studying ahead of time, but I suffered through it. I was determined. I was going to make that good grade on this horrific Integrated Science test that was looming over my head.
It’s interesting how much easier studying becomes when you know the material you’re studying. The more I looked at the study guides and objective questions, the more my mind was set at ease about the test. But not too much ease…I was still nervous. The week flew by of course, and so eventually 1:00 early Monday morning rolled around and I was still up, sitting in bed, reading over all the drugs I would need to know for the test at 10:00. So about 20 minutes later I was so sleepy that I finished my last page of notes and hung it up for the night. I was still a little iffy on a couple of things, but I knew them well enough.
Health Assessment came first from 8-9:50 that morning. I half-way paid attention, half way reviewed my notes for the test. I know that isn’t a good idea, but I just wanted to look over any last minute things. I’m sure you all have been in that situation too. 10:00 finally came. I went to room 201 and found my seat, and then I waited for the test. I took it. It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t absolutely atrocious either. I don’t like to talk about tests with people after it is over and done with-it just stresses me out more. So during the 12 different post-test conversations surrounding me at lunch, I just tried not to listen and focus on eating my leftover Chili’s honey-chipotle chicken crispers. It wasn’t too hard, I was starving.
So now it’s just a waiting game until Friday. That is when the test grades will be posted to the Blackboard site. I think everybody is feeling a bit nervous. Hopefully the outcome is a good one. But now that that is over, it’s time to get ready for the 2 tests coming up next week! Godspeed juniors.

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