In case you haven’t flown in the last 20 years, smoking is prohibited on this flight

Alarm clocks ring at 4:30 AM and thirty Emory Nursing students slowly get out of bed, rubbing tired eyes. Having been used to getting up this early for various clinical rotations across the city getting up at dawn is a familiar task, but this time we reached for suitcases instead of scrubs. Cups of coffee and plane tickets in hand, we headed to the National Student Nurses’ Association annual conference taking place in the convention capital of the world—Phoenix, Arizona!

Being the proactive, hardworking nursing students that was instilled in us early at Emory, we all signed up for the NCLEX review sessions that are early in the morning of each day, which meant we had to arrive to Phoenix a day earlier. Luckily, we had some free time before the convention started and we fully took advantage of it! We viewed it as a time to relax from all the studying and clinical hours we are accustomed to and to get excited for the next four days of convention.

Upon landing, we wasted no time in getting to the pool! It was a wonderful way to bond our motely crew into one awesome, cohesive unit. We spent the afternoon laughing, joking, and somehow talking about something other than tests, classes, and grades (although, beta blockers and TCAs were discussed on the flight). We learned new things about each other and how each person has had different experiences in their lives to add to each of our own unique nursing approach.

Staying in the heart of downtown Phoenix gave us many fun opportunities that are within walking distance, including a five-minute walk away from Chase Field, where the Arizona Diamondbacks play. There is truly no better way to enjoy a crisp, spring evening than with an all-American baseball game. We were lucky enough to have our incredible advisor and professor, Kathy Markowski and Dr. Terri Ades, join us for a night of stadium hot dogs and ball. Soon the time change began to hit us and we hit the hay early to be ready to rock our NCLEX review course bright and early!




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