It’s Friday in the D.R.!

This morning we sent a few people to the hospital, while the rest of the group headed out to Manhattan’s La Casita de Salud, where a CPR training session took place. Community leaders were trained in CPR (RCP, in Spanish), and taking blood pressure readings. The road there was a bit bumpy (literally) thanks to road construction. Despite getting started a bit late due to the costruction and a non-functioning projector, it was a great program. A large, stuffed batman doll and an inflatable CPR doll, MiniAnn, served as the willing patients during the demonstration. Back at the hospital we intended to interview the hospital administrator about both programs in which we are involved. Unfortunately, he was not there. But as Dr. D says, “Flexibility is our motto.”

After lunch together, we all piled into a couple carritos (small taxis) and headed to La Sirena, which is basically a slightly smaller version of our super Walmart in the States. They have air conditioning and ice cream with marshmellow fluff topping. Needless-to-say, it’s a small piece of paradise here in beautiful, hot, sticky San Francisco de Marcoris. There we worked on our presentations while munching on snacks in the food court.

Tonight a few people are going out dancing in town, while the rest of us are staying home to write blogs and get ready for our one-and-only trip to the beach tomorrow. Happy Weekend to all!!

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