Jamaica- Alternative Winter Break Day 1

Jamaica, we have arrived! The alternative winter break Montego Bay Jamaica crew just had our first service day on the island. All 19 of us woke up early and excited to tour Cornwall Regional Hospital. After leaving our debriefing session tonight, I realized that I was not the only one inspired by this hospital. Where do we even start?

We were greeted this morning by the certified nurse administrators of the hospital which is a very highly regarded position. They were formal in their attire and their communication around the hospital. They were also very excited to see us. We separated into two groups to tour all TEN floors of the hospital. My group, led by Sister Brown (All of the CNA’s are referred to as sister because they are a part of the British Ministry of Health) started on the first floor and worked our way up. I must note that walking ten flights of stairs in an open air/outdoor hospital in the Jamaica sun is a but of struggle, but it was worth every minute.

After the tour, we split up into several groups and worked in the various clinicals. Some were in the emergency department following doctors or injection nurses, while others were observing the orthopedic and general med clinics. Tonight, we were all asked to say four things that we were impressed by… To give you a better impression of how we felt about it I have listed some below:

Caitlin Brown “I was impressed by the attitudes of all of the nurses. They work so well with the resources they have and it reminded me of why I want to be a nurse. They have this job because they want to help people- not for the paycheck or anything like that.”

Angel Padgett “I really like how respected the position of a nurse is. It seems like they run the hospital and that is the profession that people aspire to be in this region.”

Anat Vajima “The doctors and nurses work very well together. They also all take time with the patients. I didn’t see them rushing patients through the system. They explained things very well and if patients were having a hard time understanding, they would go to great lengths and take the time to help the patient.”

Overall, we were very impressed with the attitudes, interpersonal relationships and communication capabilities. We are looking forward to visiting orphanages tomorrow and presenting our health promotion modules.

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