Jamaica, Day 3

Today we had two sites on deck; Blossom Garden’s Children’s Home and the Church Street Police Station!

At the Blossom Garden’s Children’s Home, nursing students spent time playing with and giving some well needed TLC to the children in the home’s care. Students could be found playing jump rope, tag, or just sitting and cuddling with the home’s 30 or so children ages 2-10. Students remarked that, while troubling that such a place must exist, there was a radiance and warmth exhibited by the children and staff that was infectious and uplifting. A fantastic start to the day.

Next, we were on our way to the Church Street Police Station to provide blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI screenings for the staff. A highlight of this site visit was having all the students cheer on one of the men who was afraid to get stuck for his blood sugar and a little girl who was very excited to receive reading glasses in her goodie bag.

A late dinner at an Italian restaurant on the resort topped off the evening leaving everyone full and tired. 

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