Jamaica Day 5

This morning. at the Montego Bay New Testament Church of God, nurses continued to provide blood pressure and blood glucose screenings to Montego Bay residents. Today, they provided care to 72 patients! We found, to our surprise, that residents in rural areas had significantly lower blood pressures and blood sugars than those in the urban setting. We thought this was likely due to less walking and more desk jobs found in the urban setting. 

In the afternoon, we visited the Cornwall Regional Hospital and were given a tour by the nurses. It was interesting to see how the hospital in Montego Bay was similar in some aspects to hospitals in America, yet also so different. This hospital was particularly interesting, as the hospital itself was shut down due to ventilation issues, and the units were displaced to makeshift spaces such as dormitories and tents. It was amazing to see what the entire nursing staff was able to accomplish with such limited resources and space.

Carly Whalen

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