Junior BSN 2013

Another blog…. another day!

These past couple of weeks have been great. Clinicals have been great. Last week I was in the Special Care Nursery (NICCU) at Northside and those poor little babies are so small but have a heart that will help them survive. The one that touched my heart was a baby that was just admitted and she was not even 1 pound. It was a happy day but there were some sad times also- a poor little one quit breathing and had to be resistated, and lived. This week (tomorrow), Oppblåsbare spill I’ll be in the labor and delivery department and I’m  very excited because I would love to work in that field. On average- my fellow classmates that are with me on the my maternity rotation has gotten to see close to 4 births in their one day rotation there. So that is very exciting. Northside is the #1 hospital in the United States for delivery, so that is an amazing place to be learning.

The upcoming weeks in our classes are extremely busy with tests, but before you know it, it will be spring break. The main thing about nursing school is to prioritize you tasks and to look ahead and upcoming things to be done so when it gets crazy busy with tests and papers that you have been prepared and ready.


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