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We are almost done with our week back from Thanksgiving, then after this we only have 6 DAYS LEFT OF THE SEMESTER! It’s really crazy how quickly the semester is coming to an end. It seems as though we still have so much left to do in those 6 days of class. We had our clinical skills validations today, or I did, half of us will have them tomorrow. I had pretty easy ones: NG tube insertion and setting up a primary IV bag with new tubing. I think I did well, but I did make some mistakes. The good thing is, is that as long as you recognize your mistake and verbalize it you aren’t penalized. Thank goodness. I made a few dumb errors, like for example I popped the seal on the IV bag before I even opened the tubing. Dumb. I think I was just nervous-I never made that mistake when I was practicing. But, I did everything right on my NG tube insertion. I am thankful I had a couple of the easier skills to complete. Some of them are quite lengthy. I also had to calculate the number of drops per minute my IV needed to be set for. We had to do this on our Clinical exam and I totally blanked for the test. I don’t even think I got it right. But today I did! I miraculously remembered how to calculate drops per minute. Now I’m just hoping I picked the right answer on the exam. Didn’t have much room to miss questions on that thing…it was the hardest Clinical exam yet to me. Next week we just have one more stretch of clinical validations. I’m also nervous for this one because it is the bigger chunk of the grade. We will be meeting with our clinical instructors to evaluate a mannequin patient. Better start studying now I guess!

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