Just When I Thought the End was Near…

After weeks of looking forward to Fall break, I was less than satisfied with what I got. I spent the entire time doing a clinical write-up and catching up on work and readings that I had fell behind in. Though I was so grateful for the time off, it was just a teaser. Wednesday came and we picked right up as if nothing had happened. Now I am longing for another break!

The day I look foward to most is Thursdays when I go to clinical. I love being there! When I’m there I forget about all the work waiting for me when I get home. I have been so lucky to have such wonderful patients. Not one has been too difficult to handle. I just hope it stays that way, even though I know it will get harder. I am beginning to use my skills so often they come naturally to me. I feel like a professinal Accuchecker at this point with all the blood sugars I have taken!

I only wish I was doing more! We are learning so much in skills lab and lecture and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to see much of it in action yet. Everything just makes sense and comes together once you witness it in person. That is how I was able to let go a lot of my anxiety from skills lab at the begnning of the semester. I talked to nurses and saw what they did as they did it and I realized that I could do that too. I wish everyday was clinical day. Unfortunately, that’s not reality.

School is slowly going by in a hurry. It feels like we’ve just started but we’ve done so much already. On the flip side, the days just drag on and there is never a break. My personal struggle is staying awake. Somehow my sleep schedule has gotten out of whack and waking up at 6am everyday is killing me! I only hope I can survive until the end of the semester. Challenge accepted!

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