Kingston, Jamaica – Day 1

nursing student holds child

By Griselda Gonzalez

Breakfast on the terrace was the best way to start off our morning in Kingston. The open space and sunny Jamaican weather were to die for. The food ranged from traditional Jamaican dishes like Bammy to French toast. After a delicious breakfast, we made our way to The Bethlehem House and helped with getting the children ready for mass. Seeing all of their faces definitely brightened our day. They were full of life and joy. Attending mass was enlightening. I learned of the many ways they include every resident into the service. It was also neat to learn that offerings in Kingston consist of fresh vegetables and fruits that come from community gardens as opposed to money like in America. We danced and sang along with the residents and then thanked them for allowing us to be there at the end of the service.

Our driver, Ron, then gave us a quick little tour of Kingston and took us for a little shopping spree at one of Kingston’s souvenir shops. Everyone that we came across was incredibly sweet and helpful. We were all very excited to see everything that Kingston had to offer!

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