Kingston, Jamaica – Day 3

By Jenny Choe

Day 3 in Kingston started off at Lord’s Place and Bethlehem House where we completed a variety of nursing tasks such as range of motion, feeding, and assessments. Afterwords, a few of us got to help out at another women’s center called Jacob’s Well House. Jacob’s Well is a women’s center, and the women there were so warm and affectionate. As soon as we walked through the gates several women ran up and embraced us. Throughout our time there, they continued to give us hugs and welcome us with their cheerful presence.

A few of also got to participate in wound care. It was a great learning experience, as we rarely see wounds like that in the U.S. The woman whose dressing I changed had a stage III ulcer all the way down her lower leg that had not healed for ten years. Similarly, wound care in the centers looks very different from wound care we were used to providing in the U.S. While resources are plentiful in our hospitals, many of the supplies were saved, washed and reused at the centers to conserve resources.

We ended the day with dinner and ice cream outdoors at Devon’s House. Devon’s House was the mansion of Jamaica’s first millionaire of color and has since been turned into a historic landmark. The weather, food and ambiance were amazing and were a perfect end to our busy day.

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