La Casita de Salud: Day 4 in the Dominican Republic

We began our day in the Casita de Salud (Little House of Health). This is a local clinic in San Francisco de Marcoris, where community nurses work to provide care for people who live in the village. There is a lot of poverty in this village and the people face many barriers to accessing their healthcare needs.


We visited several homes in the village and provided primary care services. Our patient age demographic ranged from newborn infants to elderly adults. Chronic disease management, in particular, was a specific problem within the community. Some patients with diabetes had their own glucometers, but could not afford the test strips in order to check their blood sugar regularly. These barriers brought forth more discussion about how to solve complex healthcare problems.

There were a few pregnant and postpartum mothers within the village. We assessed both the mother and the baby. We provided education about using a sustainable contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy after the first six months of giving birth. We also provided breastfeeding education about the importance of not supplementing breastmilk with formula in order to sustain an average milk supply and to prevent early onset of menstruation.

This experience provided a lot of forethought about encompassing western medicine and natural remedies, sustainable health care management, and barriers to accessing health care. We are so pleased the collective care Emory Nursing students are providing through this program will significantly impact this community.

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