Lab Talk.

Let’s talk labs. Today marks the 4th week of labs for clinical nursing, and I have to say that I have really been enjoying it thus far. In fact, this week is the last week of Thursday and Friday labs because next week….CLINICAL begins. I feel like…well I know…I have learned so much in these past four weeks. Though I have not learned all the “cool things” yet like injections and drawing blood, I have learned the basics of the important things: bed baths, bed changes, interviewing patients, and a lot of other skills as well. These skills, I think, are the most important because as nurses it is not only our duty to perform the medical aspects, but the caregiving aspects as well. The patient is the most important part of any nursing situation, and they must be as comfortable and happy as we can possibly make them and well, we can’t do that if we aren’t taught how to. In addition to all of this, we have been taught how to take blood pressures, and I’m pretty sure that every student will take anyone’s blood pressure during any free time we might have. It’s almost addicting. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, I think. It has been fun learning how to use the stethoscope too. On this past Tuesday during my Health Assessment lab, we were taught how to listen to all of the heart sounds. It’s so cool when you figure out all the different sounds: aortic, pulmonic, mitral, etc. We also had our first skills check-off evaluation that day too, but I got a 100! I was very happy. I’ve come to realize that in addition to knowing all of the information needed for the job, you have to be confidant in the job as well. Without confidence in what you’re doing, you won’t do it very well…even if your methods are correct. Today was scary for me. We had to prick each other’s fingers. I played nurse first. I’ve never pricked anyone’s finger before, and I really didn’t want to hurt my partner! I know how much it hurts when nurses prick right in the center of the finger tip. So I made sure I didn’t do that. So I tried and…I succeeded! It’s really a great feeling when you do something right in nursing school. I’m really looking forward to the adventures that await me next week as I start my clinical rotations. I will be in Emory Midtown’s Unit 21. I’m feeling all kinds of emotions: anxious, excited, a little scared. I’m sure one of my posts next week will tell you allllll about it.

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