Last Day in the Hospital: Day 5 in the Dominican Republic

Yesterday was our fifth day in the Dominican Republic. We returned to the hospital San Vincente de Paul. The students floated to the maternity floor, pediatric floor, emergency, and the Kangaroo Care clinic. It was very exciting to work in the Kangaroo Care clinic after learning about the program at the public health center. Mothers can come in, ask questions, and receive consultation for themselves and their newborn.

Students on the Maternity floor had a wonderful experience. Two students were reunited with the mother they coached through labor two days ago. She had her baby Monday morning and was getting ready for discharge. The students were pleased to be able to complete their journey with the mother.

After lunch, Emory Nursing students taught Community Resiliency Model (CRM) training to Dominican Republic nursing students. The Community Resiliency Model aims to teach resiliency, particularly after a trauma, by educating patients on the importance of understanding the nervous system and dealing with chronic stress. The Dominican Republic nursing students recognized the significance of this training when caring for patients after a natural disaster.

After the training, we toured the labor and delivery room. A few of the students stayed and assisted with two labors at the hospital. It was a very rewarding experience to assist in bringing two new lives in the world.

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