Little Bit of Reflection

I remember this time last year I was getting excited about my first trip to visit the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. I was going to be attending an Open House for BSN’s. This was a day dedicated to anyone interested in attending the SON, for us to gather information about the program and Emory in general. It started at 8AM and went until about 4:00 in the afternoon. I remember we had the usual delicious catered breakfast in the Plaza and then sat in P01 for what seemed like hours listening to various people talking about what the program was structured around and what it stood for. We learned about all the expenses, ALL the expenses, financial aid, some of what the curriculum would be like, and I think there was a Q&A panel as well. I felt like I was where I should be. It just felt right to be sitting in that freezing cold class room listening to the things that I would be getting to do in a little less than a year—hopefully, I hadn’t been accepted yet. There were so many students that were there, so many more that we have in our class now. It’s crazy because I don’t think I remember seeing any of my classmates there. And the ones I do remember aren’t sitting in class listening to lectures with me every day. So after that, it came time to look at the application. And by that, I literally mean just look. I didn’t fill out and send my application until after the first of the year. It took me a really long time to work on it; I literally worked on it nearly every day for the last two weeks of winter break. I finally sent it and it was such a big relief. In addition to completely that monster application, I was preparing for the TEAS. I took it in early January, and I will say that I dominated that test. An exact month to the day after applications were due I checked OPUS one more time to see if the online decision had been posted…and it had. I was accepted. I was so happy that I screamed, and I normally don’t scream when I get excited. But I was in my car so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I called my fiancé first, and then my parents. Everybody was so excited for me. A couple months later was the Accepted Students Day. We did a lot of the same things on that day: pretty much got acquainted with the program all over again. I just remember being at school up in Rome and locking my keys in my car and having to figure out how to get a locksmith to my house to unlock it between classes and the time I needed to leave to make it to the SON by 2:00. I almost made it…I was just 30 minutes late-ish. That day was a lot of fun I remember. And now after the last step of the 3 day orientation process I and the rest of my classmates are here, stressed out and sleep deprived, but here nonetheless. And I think we are all very happy about that.

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